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Prakash Kashwan

Ph.D.(2011, Indiana University)
Assistant Professor,
Comparative Environmental Policy and Politics
Department of Political Science
University of Connecticut, Storrs

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My research and teaching interests reside primarily in the area of international environmental policy and politics, with a particular emphasis on the politics of access to, and control over natural resources. I employ institutional analysis, political economy, and power to investigate the politics of international and national environmental policies and programs. Building on a long-standing engagement with questions of resource rights and contestation over natural resources, I am currently working on a book manuscript explaining variation in the politics of radical forest property rights reforms. My doctoral dissertation work on politics of forest property reforms in India has been featured in the newsletters of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and Global Land Project.

I am an affiliated faculty member with the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University. At UConn I am affiliated with the Center for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), and the Economic and Social Rights Group (ESRG), each of which bring together faculty colleagues and students from a variety of disciplines. I keenly look forward to future collaborations with fellow academics, students, and practitioners.

Recent Publications

Kashwan, Prakash and V. Lobo (In-Press). "Of rights and regeneration: The politics of governing forest and non-forest commons. In Democratizing Forest Governance in India. Ed. S. Lele and Ajit Menon. New Delhi, Oxford University Press.

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Schweik, Charles M., Maria T. Fernandez, Michael P. Hamel, Prakash Kashwan, Quentin Lewis, and Alexander Stepanov. 2009. "Reflections of an Online Geographic Information Systems Course Based on Open Source Software." Social Science Computer Review 27 (1):118-29.

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