Here at Alpha Phi, we are excited to see your interest in joining a National Panhellenic Sorority. Most sororities at UConn only choose to recruit members through Formal Recruitment in the fall; however a few chapters also do
Informal Recruitment in the spring. Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process, which means that not only do you choose a sorority but the sororities will choose you. This selection process helps to ensure that you will be placed into a sorority where you fit best. There are eight NPC sorority chapters at UConn:

• Alpha Epsilon Phi
• Alpha Phi
• Delta Gamma
• Delta Zeta
• Kappa Alpha Theta
• Kappa Kappa Gamma
• Pi Beta Phi
• Phi Sigma Rho

Formal Recruitment will take place in the Fall Semester between the dates of September 4th – September 7th.

There are several Pre-Recruitment Events that we highly encourage potential new members (PNM’s) to attend. These events are not mandatory but they will give you a chance to mingle with current sorority members and get a feel for Greek Life at the University of Connecticut.

Pre-Recruitment Events:
• 8/26 – Panhellenic Perk
• 8/28 – Meet & Greet
• 9/1 – IFC/NPC BBQ
• 9/2 – All Greek Info Session
• 9/3 – Recruitment Orientation

If you are planning on joining a sorority in the fall, you will need to sign-up for Formal Recruitment and pay a $15 registration fee. You can find the online form here or at the UConn Greek Life Homepage. We encourage you to fill out this form sooner rather than later, because it is easy to forget with the adjustment of moving into
a new year at UConn. You will not be able to go through Formal Recruitment without it. Keep in mind that signing up for Formal Recruitment does NOT force you to join a sorority. If you are unsure about whether or not you are a fit for Greek Life, register, come to the events and see what it’s all about. You have nothing to lose, and you are sure to meet some great people in the process!
• Keep updated with event dates and times on the Facebook Group!

Tips for Formal Recruitment:
Formal Recruitment can be a very stressful and nerve-wracking process because you will be meeting so many new faces and are probably nervous as to where you will end up. It is important to keep in mind that the sorority sisters are also trying to make a good impression, and are just as nervous as you. No one is trying to make themselves out to be “better” than you, so just act natural and be yourself when you meet new people. Plan your outfits ahead of time and make sure you feel comfortable in them. Think of questions you may have about joining a sorority and ask the members that you meet. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get picked to go to your top choice, all of the sororities at UConn are wonderful and it is important to give them all a chance.