Physics 101  Online Review Questions

These are sample questions from previous Physics 101 exams that are similar to questions that may be asked during an upcoming exam. The questions presented do not imply what is or is not on the exam.  You should work out the answers using the appropriate equation sheet, but without your notes or text book.  The review questions should be part of a balanced exam preparation, including homework and quiz questions, examples and materials from lecture, and readings from the text.

Chapter 1  Introduction and Math Review
Chapter 2  Describing Motion
Chapter 3  Newton's Laws of Motion
Chapter 6  Momentum
Chapter 7  Energy
Chapter 5  Gravity & Circular Motion
Chapter 11  Structure of Matter
Chapter 12  States of Matter
Chapter 13  Thermal Energy
Chapter 20  Electricity
Chapter 21  Electric Charges in Motion
Chapter 22  Electromagnetism
Chapter 15  Vibrations and Waves
Chapter 23  The Early Atom
Chapter 24  The Modern Atom
Chapter 25  The Nucleus
Chapter 27  Elementary Particles