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Bridging the Gap

Linking Social Research with Public Understanding

I created this website to serve as a small library of quality and reliable data, reports, websites, and other resources that focus on understanding media, news, crime, imprisonment and justice.  I've done this in an effort to bridge the gap between social research and public understanding.  There's an abundance of research that needs to be more available and accessible to everyone, and this website is my effort to make it more available.  This website will be useful for students, journalists, reporters, researchers, policy makers, the general public, and anyone who's interested in media, crime, and justice.  I'm a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Connecticut in the sociology department, and I research, write, and teach about these things.  My broader interests are in ideology, power, and control, and much of my work focuses on how these exist, interact among, and are practiced by all of us. 

You may be wondering why I care about media, crime and imprisonment, and ideology, power and control more broadly?  One reason is because I want to understand why we see and treat each other as we do.  As a social scientist and educator I believe I'm particularly responsible for teaching, researching, and doing something about the social problems, and deep, perpetual inequalites that arise from the way our society is arranged.  I justify this with the fact that we are rarely taught, let alone made aware of, how power "works" among us.  Obviously our unawareness plays to our overall disadvantage.

On this website I offer links to websites, studies and reports that are useful resources for anyone who wants to learn about journalism, news media, crime, imprisonment, and criminal justice.  I do this because finding quality data on social problems and inequality is challenging and tedious, and what does exist is scattered around the Internet and poorly accessible.  You will likely not find many of these data in the mainstream media, however they are important, insightful, and revealing.  Under the media resource and crime/imprisonment resource sections you will notice a handful of links on the bottom and right hand side of the page, by clicking on one of the links you will be taken to either a website (usually a research organization or institute), or a public report (pdf file).  I also offer additional resources on various issues in the personal information section. I encourage you to look through them and use them as you feel necessary.













Most social artists and scientists have developed shared concepts and ideas.  My writing and teaching tends to focus on the following ideas.  It's necessary to understand these things if we wish to understand and start solving our social problems.

Sociological Imagination

Social Constructionism

Social Structure



I would like to thank Cristy Maldanado and Christine Ucich for their invaluable help in making this website possible.  Without their help and knowledge this website would still be just an idea.